Just do watcha wanna do!

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In addition to our T-shirts and other soul and funk related merchandise, we also offer a complete design and print service for your party, club event or even weekender.


We have worked with a number of promoters and organisations over the years such as Six Million Steps, Soul Cruisin', Soul Together and SSW (Scottish Soul Weekender) providing contemporary and innovative design directions and merchandise.


Our flyer design packages start from £25 and we can produce any quantity of printed material, in house, without the need for 3rd party contractors.  This also extends to posters, PVC banners, display items, point of sale / purchase material and canvas prints.


We run


If you would be interested in contacting us to arrange marketing and promotional design and print for your event and / or small business, please drop us a line here or give us a call  anytime on 07715 084 233