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We are confident that you will be entirely happy with your purchase from us.  


In fact, we're so confifdent about the quality of our products, we guarantee that the print will last for as long as you have your T-shirt.  We produce these via the dye sublimation print process which involves heating the inks into the fabric as opposed to an "iron-on" transfer.


Therefore, the ink and subsequent print graphic is as much of the garment as the fibre itself meaning no cracking, peeling or fading.  The blanks that we use for decoration are sourced directly from Vapor Apparel in the USA.  


We use these as they are premium sublimation material ... 100% polyester (a requirement of sublimation substrates) but give the look and feel of high end cotton rather than cheap, inferior far east versions.


Add to these inks from Sawgrass Technologies used in commercial proofers and you have the reasons why we are happy to offer lifetime guarantees on our shirts.  In the highly unlikely event of your print or shirt developing a defect, simply drop us a line and return the item to us and we will offer you a replacement free of charge or a refund ... no questions asked!


Please refer to our sizing guide for all the information you need with regard to measurements.  We will say, the garments do come up fairly true to size (bigger if anything) as they are American manufactured.  


We are more than happy to change or refund in the event of a problem with sizes but please be aware, we will not refund postage costs and there is a small administration / restoocking charge.  


If you have any further questions on us, our products or our terms and conditions, please drop us a line.